MedILS Founders:
    Miroslav Radman, Prof.
    Ivan Matić, Prof.

    Scientific Advisory Board:
    Nenad Ban, prof. dr., ETH, Zurich
    Pascale F. Cossart, prof. dr., Pasteur Institute, Paris
    Axel Ulrich, prof. dr., Max Planck Institute, Martinsried
    Wilfred F. van Gunsteren, prof. dr., ETH, Zurich
    Jean-Claude Weill, prof. dr., Hospital Necker, Paris
    Roger L. Williams, prof. dr., MRC, Cambridge
    Stjepan Marčelja, prof. dr., Australian National University

    Managing Board:
    Branko Roglić – Acting president
    Vlasta Bonačić Koutecky, Prof.
    Davor Zahradka, Ph.D.
    Zoran Đogaš, Prof.
    Cecile Tharaud 
    David J. D. Sourdive Ph.D
    Zoran Đermanović MD

    Acting Director:
    Jelena Ružić, mag. oec.


    Contracts signed between Mediterranean institute for life sciences (MedILS) and Ministry of Science, Education and Sports (MZOS), with City of Split and Croatian Gouvernmet support, have ensured a systematic support to MedILS in its activities and development as an International Center of Excellence for Scientific Research and Education.