Kalendar događanja

Summer Science Factory


We aim to address the situation above by positively impacting:


  • Creating a positive attitude toward science.

  • Developing critical thinking through experimentation, learning, and play.

  • Encouraging choosing a career in science.


  • Giving mentors an opportunity to develop their project and team leading skills.

  • Establishing connections between mentors, sharing their research and teaching experiences, building a network of young educators of tomorrow.


The principal idea of SSF workshops is to investigate the world from its elementary elements to complex phenomena by posing hypotheses that are tested through play, thinking, and experiments developed by students with the help of mentors.

The hands-on approach of SSF workshops stimulates the development of students’ intellectual potential and critical thinking, but also entices curiosity and provides an understanding of the importance of teamwork and communication. These workshops provide students with an opportunity to meet and work with real scientists, experiencing the scientific method by becoming a scientist for one week.

Workshops are small scientific or engineering projects that students work on for six days, ending with a science fair presentation on the seventh day. Workshops topics cover disciplines such as mathematics, physics, biology, psychology, and are often interdisciplinary. To ensure a great student experience, group sizes are typically limited to 7 students

Mentoring the Mentors

Workshops are proposed and developed by mentors which are typically university students, but also include scientists and teachers. Mentors propose their workshops in an open call for proposals, and further develop them after acceptance into the program. Before teaching students, we train our mentors in modern teaching methods and science communication.

This program is effectively building a network of science educators using modern teaching methods to make an impact on new generations