Advances in Biomedical Research


We are pleased to invite you to the Conference “Advances in Biomedical Research” which will take place on July 3rd – 7th , 2017 in Split at Mediterranean institute for life sciences – MedILS.

Novel technological advances have allowed biologists to take a sharp turn in their approaches to decipher molecular function and basis of physiological and pathological mechanisms. This conference will bring together researchers who are applying and developing novel “OMICs” approaches with an ultimate goal of understanding the functions of genes & proteins of therapeutic importance. The aim of the conference is to assess the current state of the art for approaches to gain functional understanding of human diseases. The meeting will feature sessions on targeting the vulnerabilities of diseased cells, new technologies such as high-throughput CRISPR and RNAi screens, automated phenotyping, metabolomics, and chemical genomics, as well as bioinformatics approaches for biomedical research.

Conference is jointly organised by Mediterranean institute for life sciences – MedILS and University of Toronto.

We warmly welcome you and look forward to your attendance!

Organizing Committee :

prof. Mladen Merćep - MedILS
prof. Miroslav Radman - MedILS
prof. Igor Štagljar - University of Toronto