In the spirit of renaissance profile of the Institute, the ART is integral and natural part of Institute's activity.The main goal is to set in motion an ongoing interaction between artists and scientists. 


        1.  Program "MedILS to Split":Exibitions, concerts, performances and lectures - free entrance

        2. Program MedILS ARTScience - conferences, thematic meetings of artists and scientists, round tables, colloquia workshops and lectures. 

        3. Program MedILSInno -  innovation, new technologies and industries, setting up interactive audiovisual platforms 

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          Sep, 2018

        "Muzika i reči" Branke Parlić u Splitu

        Pijanistica Branka Parlić održala je 8. rujna u Splitu koncert “Muzika i reči” na kojem je izvela djela utjecajnog suvremenog američkog kompozitora Philipa Glassa, jednog od pionira i najznačajnijih predstavnika minimalizma.

        • 8
          Sep, 2018

        A MedILS ARTScience event in Split, Croatia

        Longing for a contemporary Renaissance:

         Experimental harmonization of Music, Poetry, Film and Painting in a space of Life Science research with the scent of pines, cypresses and rosemary overlooking the Adriatic Sea and its islands.

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