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  • 21
    9, 2021

Systems approaches in cancer

Significant progress has been made in characterizing the genetics of cancer and cellular pathways that are critical for cancer initiation and progression. However, most studies focused on single genes or proteins and highlighting the need to analyze cancers as integrated systems of gene/protein/metabolite networks and the underlying regulatory mechanisms.


  • 12
    10, 2020

Festival Znanosti 2020

Festival znanosti je manifestacija kojoj je cilj približiti znanost javnosti, tijekom koje znanstvenici i studenti popularnim predavanjima, radionicama, tribinama, izložbama i drugim događanjima daju doprinos popularizaciji znanosti i motiviranju mladih ljudi na istraživanje i stjecanje novih znanja. 

  • 11
    10, 2020

The 8th Thematic CERN School of Computing (canceled COVID 19)

The 8th Thematic CERN School of Computing (tCSC 2020) will be held in Split, Croatia from Sunday 7 June afternoon to Friday 12 June evening.

NEW date :from Sunday 11.October to Friday  16 October

The theme of the School is "Efficient Scientific Software for Heterogeneous Architectures" 

  • 5
    10, 2020

“Experimental Models in Adhesion GPCR Research”

"The training school “Experimental Models in Adhesion GPCR Research” will be organized within COST action CA18240 “ADHEsion GPCR Network: Research and Implementation Set the path for future Exploration” (Adher‘n Rise). This training school will be entirely virtual, and as such will be broadcasted via ClickMeeting platform.   &l

  • 17
    8, 2020

Preparing Global Leaders Forum – Croatia

Preparing Global Leaders Forum (PGLF) is an educational non-profit forum dedicated to changing the paradigm of leadership through intensive institutes, seminars and summits worldwide. Mission of the program is to help participants maximize their potential, develop leadership and communication skills and foster innovative and intrapreneurial spirit. PGLF is currently composed of three schools - in Russia, Jordan and Croatia.