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With advances in medicine, the old dream of immortality is living a new youth. The advanced combination of biology and digital could they allow us to end with death? Across the world, scientists and entrepreneurs are already working with the utmost seriousness on the issue. Cryogenics is perfected, and many dead entrusted aluminum seals their hopes of defying the inevitable. Cloning, too, suggests this possibility. It would suffice to digitally duplicate his brain, to reproduce after his death in a body "increased". In the same vein, the United States, a scientific transferred the memories and the past of his deceased wife in the computer system of a robot ... Yes, the future does seem to rhyme with the immortality. But at what price? How our societies, already battered, they could accommodate a population explosion? Not to mention the many philosophical issues surrounding this phenomenon. Is Immortality also promised to all? In the US, the cities of seniors, meant prolonging life (like Sun City, forbidden to under 65) give an indication: only the wealthy are admitted. 

Die Another Day

Who are these transhumanists, convinced that the next stage of evolution of man is the victory over death? English cryogenics Dmitry Itskov, Russian billionaire who invested his fortune in the quest for immortality, through which Google, sniffing the jackpot, has committed its best researchers on the subject, the directors take stock of these new hopes and their economic, social and ethical issues. With this question in thread: an endless life be worth living?

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