Graduates visited MedILS

MedILS in the Local Community

Graduates visited MedILS

MedILS in the Local Community is a project designed to improve communication between MedILS, as a top research institute, and the general public of Split. This is one of many ways in which MedILS will disseminate information about new technologies, scientific research, and the results of the academic and scientific work. In a popular and open way MedILS would like to inform, educate and make an effort to reach out to the wider Split community.  During the academic year there are visits organized to MedILS by school teachers and school children, students of natural sciences and IT who come to MedILS to get acquainted with its work and scientists. Usually, there are introductory lectures, and visits to the laboratories. 

On December 6th we had a visit of graduates from Technical high school in Split. Their host was our young, perspective scientist Lara Romac, who emphasis creative experiment, teamwork and critical thinking as main axes of any scientific project.

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