Personalized medicine-professional networking

Personalized medicine (PM) is a contemporary medical approach, aimed at the development of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures enabling the treatment that responds to the specific needs of individual patients.
The rapid development of molecular medicine over the last 20 years, the growth of genetic testing (molecular diagnostic, pharmacogenetics), and the creation of target drugs have all contributed to enhance effectiveness of treatments.
The benefits of PM have been recognized in the fields of internal medicine, oncology, clinical immunology, neurology, radiology, dental medicine and regenerative medicine.
The enormous potential of PM, both in terms of patients' well-being and more reliable and cost-effective health systems, has by now also been widely recognized.
In order to further advance the applications of PM and contribute to networking of health sector professionals, as well as to facilitate the exchange of experience and expertise with actors from the pharmaceutical, academic, food industry and economic spheres, a one-day Symposium will be organised in Split. One of the goals of the Symposium is also to enhance cooperation of various actors in Croatia, in the region of South East Europe, and in the wider European area.