Rhizome Foundations Summer School

July 16th – July 28th 2018. organized by Rhizome Association

Rhizome Foundations Summer School

Rhizome Association invites the motivated youth to join the Rhizome Foundations Summer School at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences, from July 16th to July 28th 2018.

Rhizome Foundations Summer School is open for everyone with a completed high school degree, good knowledge of English and deep interest for science, interdisciplinary projects, and development of 21st century skills.

Join us for an intensive 2-week course that helps you to strengthen your practical scientific skills in the lab, introduces you to programming and engineering, and allows you to improve your scientific English and communication skills. Practical work is at the heart of our program that will show you how interdisciplinary approaches enhance life science research and understanding the world around us. The program is especially interesting for future young scientists who want to experience first-hand the work on complex problems, at the interface of several scientific disciplines.

Participation fee for the summer school is 150 EUR and application instructions can be found on the web site.

Rolling admissions are open until each Friday, until all places have been filled.

Rhizome Association is a non-governmental non-profit organization registered in France, dedicated to creating innovative interdisciplinary education programs for the future. [Facebook] [Twitter]

All additional information about the program is available Foundations web site, or by contacting us using the online form

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