Science Survival Kit Summer Semester

July 16th – August 26th 2018. organized by Rhizome Association

Science Survival Kit Summer Semester

Science Survival Kit is a learning-through-research program that brings to undergraduate students the necessary skills and mindset that would help them address the research questions in natural sciences and jumpstart their careers. We use research-based teaching and an innovative pedagogical approach to offer students a unique training that develops both research and transversal skills essential in the 21st century: learning to learn, creativity, critical thinking, collaborative work and the use of modern technology in working environments.


The goal of the Science Survival Kit program is to gather students from around the world and learn in a stimulating interdisciplinary and international setting at the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences. This program will be accepting 20 students from diverse backgrounds. No prior experience in natural sciences is necessary to join the program, but we will look for highly motivated individuals who are able to contribute to a collaborative project-based environment.


For more information and to apply please visit our website at:

Applications are open until  April  11th 2018.

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