About MedILS

Founded in 2003 by Prof Miroslav Radman and Prof Marija Alačević, MedILS is an independently funded, international, non-profit research institute. Led by enthusiastic professionals, we strive to  create and sustain a top quality research environment for both international and local exceptional scientists.
MedILS represents an embodiment of founders’ long-lasting initiative to establish an international centre of excellence, leading in the area of life sciences, located in Split, Croatia.
Research endeavours of MedILS are primarily focused on developing highly original, multidisciplinary approaches designed to provide novel insights into the fundamental concepts of molecular organisation and functioning of living organisms. Supported by leading investigators and research institutions in the field of natural sciences, as well as the state-of-the-art technologies acquired from its partner institutions and collaborators, MedILS has already set the scene for an ambitious and highly productive future.