Mission & vision


      MedILS is an international “renaissance” project created as a scientific and social experiment. Its primary goal is to breed a generation of young scientists: creative, multidisciplinary professionals trained to “think the unthinkable” and produce that kind of experiments.

      MedILS is an international, private, non-profit scientific institution. The reason for MedILS to be located in Split is that this particular Mediterranean region is geographically, climatically and culturally exceptional, ideal to trigger creativity and develop young talents. This Institute is bound to become the Center of scientific excellence world wide.

      Teaching, learning, and brainstorming are a natural way of life on MedILS institute.

      The key “product” of MedILS will be a special kind of innovative and free minded scientists and projects.

      Through the excellence reached by special selection and instruction (e.g., mixing very young people with scientific “coaches” – exceptional individuals at the end of their scientific careers, even post-retirement), a flexible and disposable administration so efficient as to be “invisible”, and the perfect services.

      The mission of MedILS is to create a new original scientific culture in the studies of life and its manifestations, by implementing the world’s highest standards of scientific work, style and ethics.


        Our objective is to become a “household” of original intellects with a freedom to doubt and to practice a connective/synthetic thinking in high-risk innovative research.

        Best young talents and the most inspiring senior scientific leaders will be invited from all over the world and let free to create a special intellectual culture.

        People, not projects, will be selected because we expect the projects to be so original as to be absent from the current global repertoire of projects. The results of the research work in the course of training will be only a welcome byproduct of the primary activity of MedILS.

        MedILS will be a place for brain-storm gatherings, meetings and practical courses; a center of excellence in the studies of life and its manifestations, in general the study of complex systems, but no research project will be excluded a priori.

        Multidisciplinary, multicultural, interdisciplinary and international are the desired prefixes for the new generation of MedILS scientists.

        However, we want to be more ambitious than that: we want MedILS to become a unique place worldwide – due to the presence of unique people working and living in an exceptional, high quality social and physical environment – a place that will be sought for by the “best and brightest” intellectually courageous risk takers from the whole world.

        MedILS functions as a bridge between the European and American molecular biology, in future with Austral-Asian and, hopefully soon, African science.

        Scientists at MedILS work in the (horizontal) style of a cross-inspiring “jazz band” rather than a (vertical) “symphony orchestra” style with one director and a written script (project).

        MedILS is becoming a truly international institution totally independent of local governments, with an ex-territorial status (such as the embassies and the EU and UN institutions).

        MedILS will function as hotbed for “growing” special people, as the result of original and effective selection and instruction processes. The results of the research of such people must be unpredictably innovative. Unlike in any existing research place, high-risk research – and therefore low rate of publication – will be encouraged.

        However, MedILS will be the place for generating the diversity of ideas, and the scientific “coaches” will be there to assist in selecting the projects and to show how to do the work rather than to dictate the projects.

        Our vision is to bring the world-class science, work style and work ethics into this region. It would offer the opportunity for top scientific training without the unavoidable expatriation of young future scientists.