In the spirit of renaissance profile of the Institute, the ART is integral and natural part of Institute's activity.The main goal is to set in motion an ongoing interaction between artists and scientists. 


        1.  Program "MedILS to Split":Exibitions, concerts, performances and lectures - free entrance

        2. Program MedILS ARTScience - conferences, thematic meetings of artists and scientists, round tables, colloquia workshops and lectures. 

        3. Program MedILSInno -  innovation, new technologies and industries, setting up interactive audiovisual platforms 

        3D Visualization in Natural Sciences

        3D Visualization in Natural Sciences

        Main idea of Perić's works is the development of 3D animation that can systematically be used as an example of ways to produce new and quality approaches in visualization in science. As we are aware that visual, i.e. graphic material is often a vital part of scientific methodology, we can be happy to have a chance this Monday to have an insight into few novel approaches in scientific visualization.


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