Kalendar događanja

Croatian-French Days of Administrative Law

Other institutions have also been taking part in the organization of the Croatian-French Administrative Law Days such as the University of Split, Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia, Legislative Office of the Government of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Administration of the Republic of Croatia, Ministry of Judiciary of the Republic of Croatia, the Robert Schuman (Split) Centre for European documentation and research, Constitutional Court of the Republic of Croatia, French Embassy in the Republic of Croatia, Split-Dalmatian County And the City of Split. The role of the French State Council deserves mention. It is the highest administrative judiciary in the Republic of France which also plays an important and significant role as the advisory body to the French government.

It is indisputable that there is much interest for continuity in holding the Croatian-French Administrative Law Days not only from the scientific and academic public (academics, graduate and postgraduate students) as well as from many practitioners finding clear, concise and precise answers to sometimes very complex administrative law questions in a comparative context. This certainly eases the burden and helps all those who through the legislative and executive deal with certain administrative law institutions.

Systematic and augmented discussions presented at these conferences and the subsequent papers published in special editions of the Faculty of Law University of Split Journal are valuable scientific content and a significant contribution to the education of new generations and academics and experts in administrative law and wider. New, respectable sources of academic and practical values are gained, and form important contributions to Croatian and European thinking on law

Finally, the starting point of all these conferences is to promote a continental European legal system in which the French legal and administrative legal tradition are an integral and inseparable part. It is precisely this tradition that has become the heritage Croatia also has nurtured throughout centuries of its history, culture, and legal development.  

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