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    Nela Nikolic

      After the undergraduate studies in molecular biology (University of Zagreb), I had decided to join one of MedILS research groups – Group for Biophysics and Bioinformatics of Bacterial Cells. I had been very keen of working in a multicultural environment, learning methods in computational biology, as well as being involved in interdisciplinary projects. I had a great time during those 1.5 years spent at MedILS – learnt a lot under the supervision of Anita Krisko and Ivo Sbalzarini, and met many great scientists from various fields – Miro Radman, Francois Taddei, Bojan Zagrovic, etc. One of the greatest experiences at MedILS were Summer Schools held on different topics, when young students would really have a chance to meet prominent scientists and discuss all together on diverse biological topics. While working at MedILS, I especially appreciated the joint group meetings with the other groups: computational biophysicists, tumour biologists, neurobiologists,… This definitively allowed all students to be familiar with current hot topics in biology in general, not only in a specific field. Also, MedILS made it possible for me to go for 3-month internship at ETH Zurich, where I had an opportunity to improve my knowledge of certain computational methods. After leaving MedILS, I have continued the collaboration with my supervisor at that time, Anita Krisko, and we still have some exciting projects to finish. Working at MedILS was a valuable and important part of my scientific career, and I wish Miro Radman and all the MedILS scientists good luck in their work!