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    George M. Slavich

      Interdisciplinary Research Institutes Free your Time and your Mind! Recently, I was reminded of my alma mater’s motto, “The Winds of Freedom Blow.” Rarely, however, is academic life – and particularly early career academic life – so free. Our time and ability to think freely is constrained constantly by practical demands and conceptual boundaries, as both tangible factors (e.g., program requirements, committee assignments, funding agency priorities) and less tangible factors (e.g., traditional definitions of what “psychologists” study) influence what we research and when.

      Enter interdisciplinary research institutes: Scientific sanctuaries where researchers are free from the demands of typical university life, and where the boundaries of traditional academic departments and domains do not apply. Often, such institutes also offer very unique training opportunities for graduate and early career psychologists. Below, I review four such institutes, but this is by no means a complete list. Have fun finding one that suits your interests! …..