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    Ivo Sbalzarini

      MedILS is a refuge and incubator for creativity in science. Without creativity and new ideas, there is no progress. Thinking what nobody has ever thought before, solving problems that nobody has ever solved before; that is the essence of science. Like no other place I have every seen, MedILS embraces and supports this essence in a collaborative, interdisciplinary environment where boundaries don’t exist. Personally, I believe that my time at MedILS was key to my scientific development and the development of my group. And the atmosphere and surroundings at MedILS continue to inspire ideas every time I visit. MedILS is also the place of choice for me to organize and teach interdisciplinary summer schools. The annual summer schools I have been organizing at MedILS since 2007 are a continuous success with participants from all around the world. The inspiring settings of MedILS, the beauty of the Croatian landscape, and the warm-heartedness of the people and the city of Split leave lasting impressions on every participant. Together with the scientific quality of the schools, this is an asset and an ambassador for MedILS and Croatia in the world.