• 11
    Sep, 2023

Noć istraživača 2023

Uzbuđeno odbrojavamo dane do ovogodišnje Noći istraživača koja će se održati u Puli, Rijeci, Zadru, Splitu i Dubrovniku u petak, 29. rujna!

  • 22
    Dec, 2021

New book by prof. Davor Juretic

Bioenergetics deals with the very first energy transformation steps performed by living cells. Increased dissipation is the primary effect of processing external energy packages. Enzyme-supported charge separation is the minor but essential outcome for maintaining life. This book explores the usefulness of dissecting the entropy production of enzymes involved in cellular defenses, fermentation, respiration, and photosynthesis, assuming that tightly regulated dissipation is the hallmark of life

  • 29
    Mar, 2021

Group Retreat

We are pleased to announce that MedILS is open to host smaller group events, for up to 25 people according to prescribed epidemiological measures and health safety recommendations.

  • 19
    Feb, 2021

Hrvatska za 5

Science and Power - How much does modern science serve truth, man, and the public good, and how much does it serve the great centers of financial and corporate power?