Molecular biology - a new graduate study at the University of Split, starting in autumn 2022

  • The study programme covers a wide range of current topics such as genomics, proteomics, biotechnology, epigenetics, molecular cell biology of cancer, aging and many other similar topics
  • Students will have the opportunity to directly learn from the best experts in the field of molecular biosciences from the Faculty of Science, the School of Medicine and the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences in Split (MedILS), as well as eminent visiting researchers
  • There is a possibility of performing practical work in small groups as well as individual research projects in the laboratory where students work closely with the professor
  • During their studies, students will develop analytical skills, scientific problem-solving skills, and communication skills necessary for a career in science
  • Students will have the opportunity to engage in ongoing scientific research, participate in scientific conferences and science popularisation activities
  • There is a wide range of employment opportunities, from public and private universities and research institutes, work in health institutions (clinical practice), numerous chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, public administration in the fields of chemistry, ecology and health care, governmental agencies in areas that include analysis and safety of food, medicine, air, water, waste, etc.