Biophysics PhD programme

    About Biophysics doctoral programme

    The primary objective of the Biophysics doctoral programme is to nurture independent creative scientists that can easily transfer their skills and research attention from physical sciences to life sciences and the other way around. The PhD program in Biophysics in Split offers a possibility of completing a doctoral degree in a number of most advanced areas of biophysics ranging from structural bioinformatics to medical physics and to computational biophysics of macromolecules.

    As a foundation for advanced research in one of several tens of participating laboratories, the programme offers a diverse array of mandatory and elective courses taught by a large number of Croatian and international lecturers who are all also active researchers. Conceived in a very flexible fashion, the programme is open to students with different undergraduate degrees (from physics and chemistry to molecular biology and others).

    A PhD degree in biophysics represents a powerful foundation for an independent scientific research career in an academic setting. However, in today’s modern environment, a PhD degree in an interdisciplinary field such as biophysics is also an excellent starting point for a successful and creative career in industry, in biotechnology or in governmental steering organisations.


    Host Institution:

    • University of Split, Faculty of Science (PMFST), Split

    Participating institutions:

    • Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB), Zagreb
    • Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences (MedILS), Split
    • University of Split, Medical School (MEFST), Split
    • Institute of Physics (IF), Zagreb

    Adjoint Center of excellence:

    • Interdiciplinary Center for Advanced Science and Technology (ICAST), Split