Skin eco-biology and biochemistry / NAOS-ILS lab

      Skin eco-biology and biochemistry /NAOS-ILS lab
      NAOS-ILS Croatia group works on the skin eco-biology and skin aging. Eco-biology is unique approach rooted in biology, with the core value of respecting the nature and homeostasis of the skin. Following the principle of natural skin homeostasis, we aim to achieve health state by helping skin to strengthen and adapt to its environment. The model of study in our research is primary fibroblasts due to their use in aging and skin care research. We are looking for new targets for the cell homeostasis achievement. Our special focus is on biochemical mechanisms, protein protection, cellular recycling mechanisms and search for a new biologically active chemical compounds. We believe eco-biology approach with the goal of applying the research to the Human Care Domain is better in preserving skin ecosystem and strengthening its natural mechanism.


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          Biochemistry Lab:

          The Shimadzu Nexera XR ultra high-performance
          liquid chromatograph (UHPLC) 2 pumps,
          Autosampler, Diode Array detector 

          96 Well-plate reader for absorbance and fluorescence 

          - Guava® easyCyte HT Flow Cytometer

          - Infinite 200 Pro Spectrophotometer by Tecan

          - Leica Microsystems Fluorescent microscope

          Cell culture Lab :