Project summary

Based on decision of University in Split on the April 20th 2010 Interdisciplinary Center for Advanced Science and Technology (ICAST) was founded, created on initiative of prof.dr.sc. Vlasta Bonačić- Koutecky. MedILS is incorporated in ICAST center work and projects, and all activities and research are occurring on MedILS institute.

Multi-institutional initiative in nanobiology, material science, life science and environment with focus on modelling, computational science and simulations embedded in European and Croatian network of experimental laboratories.
Research directions and interdisciplinary doctoral study:

  • Nanoparticle-Biomolecule hybrid systems for development of Biosensors
  • Unifying concepts in biological and materials aging
  • Nanostructures for design of new materials
  • Design of selective peptide antibiotics
  • Research in environmental protection and renewable energy resources